Project Description


Start: Schoolhouse Bay Campsite
Finish: Ship Cove
Distance: 6km

I woke this morning with mixed emotions. By tonight I’ll be in the North Island, which is both extremely exciting and quite sad. The North Island is scenic for sure but there isn’t the remoteness and isolation like there is in the South Island. But I can’t stay here forever so at 6.15am off we went.

We climbed gradually to the saddle and I could see the sun slowly rising, casting a fiery orange over the hills and lighting the clay up.

After about an hour we came to the saddle and I looked out over ship cove and the Cook Strait and let out a little sob.

The sun was just rising above the horizon and casting beautiful warm light over the view in front of me.

I could not believe that I was here. In an hour’s time I would be at ship cove, having walked the entire South Island.

We pulled ourselves away from the view and descended down the hill. Slowly the water got closer and closer until we emerged from the forest and right in front of us was the Ship Cove jetty.