Start: Kiwi Burn Hut
Finish: Mavora Lakes Campsite
Distance: 18km

The day started with us backtracking along through the fairy forest back to the junction before following the river upstream, still through the forest.

I felt good, the river was a bright blue, the forest was beautiful and the all the birds were doing their morning chirping. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

We reached the first swingbridge, the river churning a bright turquoise below.

We didn’t cross it but instead continued along the river, over cute streams and through peaceful forest, and also over this weird and scary landslide section.

Not far up the river was the second swingbridge, marking the start of the South Mavora Lake. We stopped for a rest and some photos but the sandflies were horrendous so we quickly continued on.

We were walking along South Mavora Lake now and while it was absolutely stunning, the wind was bitterly cold. We stopped for a rest away from the sandflies before setting off to smash the last 3.5km to the last swingbridge.

We emerged into a huge clearing and made our way through the long grass, wowed by the magnificent views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Heading back into the forest we again followed the river for a short way before there in front of us was the final swingbridge.

We stumbled across it, took some photos before hobbling along the gravel road to the campsite.

Priority number 1 was getting long pants on so the sandflies couldn’t get us and then we set up camp, had a hang out in my roomy tent and got ready for the night.

It is a bit windy and looks like it could possibly rain so fingers crossed my tent survives.