I first started photography when I was in high school. After winning some money in an art competition I decided to take the leap and purchase my first DSLR camera.

From here, my passion for taking photos grew as I carried my camera with me everywhere, capturing the ducks on the lake at my university, or the way the sun cast the sky into a beautiful orange.

I started off with portrait photography, using my beautiful sister as my first model. I then moved onto sport photography, taking advantage of my university football team.

I switched between the two forms of photography for a few years, never really committing to either, and then in my final year of university, I discovered hiking, and that changed my life.

I started taking my camera on all my short hikes and found immense joy in capturing the way the light filters through the trees, or the way the hills cast shadows, and I realised that I had found my passion.

Since then, and a few cameras later, I have taken photos of some of the most beautiful spots in New Zealand and am now venturing overseas to capture the world!


All my photographs are for sale, simply decide which one you want, then message me through the ‘contact me’ page to enquire about pricing.