Start: Riverton
Finish: Colac Bay
Distance: 14km

Woke up this morning still feeling a bit sore but after a beautiful and peaceful rest day yesterday decided to brave the boots and push on.

A quick stop at the supermarket along the main Street before continuing across the bridge and along the road to Mores Scenic Reserve.

After only a few KMs I was already dreaming of a rest day tomorrow. It was only 13km today, which would normally feel like a casual stroll, but I hadn’t contemplated how much harder it would be with blisters.

A short rest at the entrance to the reserve before heading into the forest.

A bit of up and down led to a lookout with incredible views over Riverton/Tihaka Beach and out to Stewart Island, and suddenly my sore feet were forgotten.

A bit more walking through the forest and descending, which was hard on the toes, before emerging onto beautiful coastal farmland.

But the beauty was soon forgotten as my feet started to ache. The track was hard going, climbing and descending, long grass, stiles etc. At some points we were barely going 1km/h.

This was the first moment that I really hated it. My feet are sore, my shoulders are sore, I’m not enjoying any of this, so why was I doing it? What was the point?

I started thinking of my cozy bed at my parents place and sitting by the fire with them.

These thoughts only grew stronger as the farmland went on and on and never seemed to end. It felt like one of those dreams where you’re walking towards something and it’s getting further away. I could see the beach, could see the little town we were going to, but we weren’t getting any closer.

Eventually after a number of hours we descended down onto the beach, and after stopping for a rest we rounded the corner to see a family having a picnic.

They offered us some slice and lunch, and when I bravely asked for some water they gave me their whole 1.5L bottle.

After waving goodbye we set off along the gravel coastal road, my mood greatly improved, I was practically bouncing.

We saw a couple of dogs and some very nosy cows, which we both took numerous photos of, despite both having cows at home.

The family drive back past us, giving us a wave before we came out on the beach again.

We found a track through the sand dunes and made our way to the perfect log, which we had both been eyeing up in the distance.

Another quick rest and we set off again with only 2.5km to go.

We bumped into a cyclist from Riverton who was interested in the trail so chatted to him for a bit before powering along to meet Colac Bay Foreshore road, which was no more than a gravel path next to the beach.

As usual the last 1km to the holiday park was the toughest and the longest, both of us deciding to treat ourselves to a room instead of a tent, which could be a good call given the weather forecast.

I am still dreaming of another rest day tomorrow despite my greatly improved mood but will lather my feet in vaseline before I go to bed and see what tomorrow brings.