Start: Camp Bay Campsite
Finish: Schoolhouse Bay Campsite
Distance: 22km

It’s funny how quickly my body has adjusted to camping. Last night was only our second night camping in a row and I slept incredibly well considering I’m pretty sure my mat has a hole in it.

We set off at 8.15am along the flat track by the water’s edge and it was so peaceful and quiet. Jacqui and I walked in silence, we were both just enjoying the beauty and serenity of everything plus the Cicadas weren’t out yet so we could actually hear the birds.

After a few hours and many day walkers we arrived at Furneaux Lodge where we aired our feet, had some lunch, booked our water taxi for tomorrow, and just relaxed for a couple of hours.

From the lodge we detoured up a short track to a large, 1000-year-old tree.

After descending back down to the track we wandered along for a couple more hours to the campsite. We passed a lot of private residences with their own private jettys and fantasised about what life would be like out here.

We passed a small house that was available to rent…maybe I’ll come back here when I’m done and experience it all for myself.

The last couple of KMs to the campsite ended up being hilarious. The Cicadas were out in full force, dive-bombing us like screaming rocks. I was trying to keep my mouth closed just in case but I was laughing way too much. We’d be in the middle of a sentence when one of them would hit us in the head and we’d jump sideways and start swearing.

Eventually we got there and what a spot it is. After setting our stuff up we went for a wander along the rocky beach and everything just felt so right. This is our last night in the South Island and what a spot to spend it.

We chilled at a picnic table for a few hours before heading off to bed to get some sleep before our early start tomorrow.