Start: Cowshed Bay Campsite
Finish: Camp Bay Campsite
Distance: 25km

Today started with a steep climb back to the actual trail and from here we climbed gradually up onto the ridge line and was rewarded instantly with spectacular views.

We followed the ridge line up and down, stopping at Black Rock Campsite for a rest. Looking out over the sound I realised I could see Picton across the water. It really hit home that I’m here, nearly at the top of the island, having walked here all the way from Bluff on my own 2 feet.

From here it was another few hours of ups and downs to the Bay of Many Coves Campsite where, again, there were incredible views. Not a bad spot for lunch.

I could never get sick of views like these, with the blues and greens and all the different shapes. It is just so peaceful and serene!

After leaving the campsite we passed a baby goat, another lookout and a cool sign before the turn-off for Eatwell’s Lookout.

We dropped out packs and begun the steep climb up to the summit, which is always funny when we take our packs off because we feel so unbalanced and weird.

We when got to the top I was absolutely speechless. I kept spluttering, trying to find the words but there were none. The water stretched as far as the eye could see and in the distance I could see the North Island.

And then I turned around and could see all the way down the Kenepuru Sound.

I just stood there, never really sure where to look. I realised I could see the wind turbines on the Wellington coastline.

We had to force ourselves to leave and start walking again, but we were full of energy again so we quickly smashed the last few KMs to Kenepuru Saddle before hobbling down the side track to the campsite. I had originally told Jacqui that it ‘wasn’t far’ but by the time we got there even I was hating myself for saying that.

After setting ourselves up we wandered along to Punga Cove for a delicious cocktail, pizza, bao buns and fries!