Start: Hamilton Hut
Finish: Arthur’s Pass
Distance: 16km

Woke up this morning feeling great and energised so we set off early for the easy day out to Cora Lynn carpark.

We crossed a couple of swingbridges before heading into the forest.

I am so happy to be back in the forest, the last time we were in the trees was before Lake Ohau. Jacqui summed it up by saying “it feels like home”.

The forest just makes me feel calm with the gentle swaying of the branches and the chirping of the birds, I can really feel like I’m away from everything and everyone and just be.

The track alternated between the forest and the riverbed for a while before heading up to Lagoon Saddle Hut.

From here it was another 1km of climbing to reach Lagoon Saddle and as we were coming over the top I started to get a bit emotional as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Views over the river and the valley with snowy mountains on the background.

We then descended down the hill, first along the hillside before getting back into the forest for the final few KMs.

We came out at the carpark and wandered down the road to try catch a lift. We only had to wait 10mins before someone took us into Arthur’s Pass where we settled before a yum dinner at the local restaurant.

Cannot believe I’ve made it all the way to Arthur’s Pass, I’ve now only got 4 more sections to do in the South Island!