Start: Nelson
Finish: Rocks Hut
Distance: I don’t actually know

Due to the level of the rivers after 4 days of rain we decided to re-enter the trail via another route that takes us straight to Rocks Hut and skips a small section of river walking.

We caught a taxi to the trailhead where we met Nick + Zara and started up the trail, wandering along the predator fence around the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary for a couple of hours.

We wandered along the Coppermine Trail, past a shelter where we had a snack before continuing up to Coppermine Saddle.

The trail was a nice wide path through the trees before we emerged out of the bushline at a place called Windy Point, which definitely stood up to its name. The view was pretty cool but I only lingered long enough to get one photo before pushing on.

The wind howled into our faces as we walked into it, slowly making our way to the saddle where the wind died down a bit so we took some photos and had some lunch.

We then climbed up to Dun Saddle and descended down through some rocky terrain to Rocks Hut.

We relaxed all afternoon, enjoying the luxury of flushing toilets and chatting to Nick, Zara, and Tenley about our plans for this next rain front due in a couple of days.