Start: Captains Creek Hut
Finish: Havelock
Distance: 22km

It feels really weird knowing we’ll be in a town again tonight, it feels way too soon, like we haven’t spent long enough without showering.

The day started with an easy and gentle 8km walk through the forest, along the river.

Then we emerged onto the gravel road and followed this for 14km past very flash houses on lifestyle blocks and saw our first sheep and cows in a while before coming to SH6. We crossed over the bridge to the Pelorus Campground Cafe where I had a very yum scone and milkshake and we hid from the rain while we tried to organise accommodation in Havelock.

Then we stood out in the rain for about 30mins waiting for someone to take pity on us and pick us up.

Eventually a lovely family picked us up and took us into Havelock where we did our usual routine of a hot shower and hot food.

It looks like we’re gonna be here for a few days while we wait for this next front to pass through so we can do the Queen Charlotte in good weather!