Start: Waiau Hut
Finish: Waiau Forks
Distance: 8km

We knew today was only a 2-3 hour walk and would much rather relax in the hut than in our tents so we didn’t end up leaving until 2pm. It felt really weird walking late in the afternoon.

The track was a bit difficult to follow at first as it alternated between the riverbed and through forest but it soon became easier to follow.

The last few KMs dragged on as we slowed down along the rocks, sidling around the hills until one final river crossing before the campsite.

The campsite is so cute, we found some flat ground and set up our stuff just as the drizzle started.

Alan and Paul, who we met earlier, arrived and got a campfire going but I was already snug in my sleeping bag so creepily watched and chatted through my tent window.

The clouds look like they are rolling in so hopefully it doesn’t rain tonight or tomorrow for our crossing over the pass!