Start: Anne Hut
Finish: Waiau Hut
Distance: 26km

I hate to say it but I found today a little bit boring. We were walking along a flat 4WD track the whole day with short stints in the forest and while it was easy walking I found myself getting bored with the same monotonous scenery.

One highlight though was seeing a small herd of the St James wild horses. I dumped my pack and with my special horse whisperer skills managed to rub the nose of one of them.

We watched them trot around for a bit before continuing on to the new and modern hut.

The only other thing that happened today was that as I was cutting myself some cheese I sliced into my finger. Pretty deep and it would probably need 1 or 2 stitches in the real world but I’ll put a plaster on it and hope for the best. I’m a bit nervous about it for the rock climbing in 2 days over Waiau Pass but hopefully if I wear a glove it will be fine…